Four Ways To Put God First

As Believers in Jesus Christ, it is our duty to become more like Him and to always keep God first on our list. In my song, 'He Comes First', I talk about some pretty sentimental things we all experience in life. Whether it's family issues, having an intense career that takes up most of your time or desiring more out of life. In spite of our human experiences, we must keep God first and stay faithful to Him. After all, He is very faithful to us. On my Instagram, I shared four ways of putting God first, below I go a little more in-depth.

1. Take care of our community and home.

We are blessed to have a place to live and communities to thrive in. It's a comfortable life to live if you have basic necessities like a home, cars, food, and access to resources. We can put God first in this area by taking care of our home and community. Are there some rundown buildings in your area? Or trash all over the park? We might grumble, "People are so trashy, someone needs to pick this up." But what if God wants us to do it if it bothers us so much? We can show our gratitude to God for His provision, by organizing a way to clean up our communities. It has been said that home is our first ministry.

painting old buildings in the community

2. Helping The Homeless

There are so many homeless people in our nation right now. Over 580, 000 according to 2020 stats. I especially loved this picture I shared because it represents that even though we are in a prosperous nation, there are still people who need our help. We can put God first by helping that person we see on the corner. Think what would Jesus do and whisper a prayer for them. There is power in prayer.