n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo is an anonymous Experimental Hip Hop and Soul Artist from Houston, TX. He is the creator of the Christian Hip Hop Series, “The Codex,” which allows him the opportunity to share his gift of song. D’Vo harnesses his passion to serve God while offering messages of hope,
peace, and love within his music.

n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo is an acronym for “Needing Enteral Redemption and Deliverance.” This is a recurring theme within his musical projects where he affirms his purpose to show the world that God is the answer to all things. Not only is he a solo artist, but D’Vo is also the lead singer and emcee of Global Rhythm, a soul-fusion funk band from around the world. The band consists of D’Vo and worldwide musicians, Master Pe (Brazil) and OB3ple (Sweden), spreading positive messages through their music and creating nostalgic jazz and funk-fusion energy in their sound.

D’Vo has garnered his craft for making music from childhood. His musical taste varies from different generations and genres with modern artists like Post Malone and Drake to legendary classics such as Tupac Shakur and R&B-Soul artist Maxwell, driving him to continue making a mixture of Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul, with a level amount of Jazz. D’Vo is working under his own label, Element 11, Inc. which allows him creative freedom not only in his music but in his lyrics.

“There is not enough positivity in music to combat all the negativity in the world.” D’Vo urges that his desire for more positive outlets helps him to create better content in his music. He emphasizes this in the song “Halitosis,” the first of many animated music videos created to tell the story and theme of “The Codex Hip-Hop Series.” D’Vo actually uses unique drawings of his
character to tell the story in his music and plans to release more animated footage to connect with listeners.

The first volume of “The Codex: I’ve Got Next” was released December 22, 2019, featuring Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, and Soul, creating a perfect blend of experimental music for his audience. Volume II, “The Codex: Running The Point,” dropped April 11, 2020, featuring G-Funk styling in the music itself; offering a West Coast, swangin' vibe. The album, which is dedicated to the Heavenly Father offers emcee’d bars referencing the afterlife and God’s Love.


Both “The Codex I & II” are must-listen albums not only for Christians but for those who believe that tomorrow will be a better day and those
looking for inspiration in their lives. 

The Codex: Court Vision is the third album to join The Codex Series, released on Sept. 14, 2021. Extra layers of creativity and vulnerability have been added to this album and listeners can expect to hear a story being told in between each track. At the time of this writing, D’Vo has earned five- top charting songs in the top 150 Global Digital Radio Tracker.

"Swagger From My Father" and "Elavated Thinkin" were in the top ten in the DRT Independent Charts. Destined For Greatness from The Codex: Court Vision also was in the top 20 DRT Indie Chart. So far his songs have received over 50 radio placements and D’Vo will continue to share his story about Jesus’ redemption, the Word of God, and bringing it to an even bigger audience than before.